Colorful Harmony

It’s a cold fall Saturday morning. Peacefully you lie snug in your bed, wrapped in layers of blanket. All of a sudden you open your eyes. Your face is the only part not covered by soft, warm and fuzzy blankets. Now that your senses are awake, you realize that your face is cold. You quickly cover your face to warm up.

Before you know it your alarm goes off, it’s 6am. You get yourself together. The rest of your family is still asleep, so you quietly tiptoe down the stairs. Walking down the hallway heading straight for the front door. You hear a low humming and smell something delicious.

As you approach the kitchen you stop and turn your head to the left. There she is, mom. The smell of the blueberry pancakes will surely wake little sis and dad up. You walk into the kitchen to give your mom a hug and tell her you’ll be back in a few. She smiles warmly and gives you a hug back. When you hug her, the world feels like it stops for just a little bit. It’s like the world gave you an extra second to have with her. You head back to the front door.

As you open the door, you step outside to get ready for your morning run. The door closes softly behind you. You bend down to make sure your laces are tied tightly. Standing back up, you lift your head to the rising sun. Even though it’s cool, feeling the warmth on your face gives you that boost you need. Taking in a deep breath, your lungs fill with cool air.

Before you know it, you’re off. Your heart pounds with every step you take. The faster you run the more you focus on the path. After running for some time you start your cool down.

As your body starts to calm down, you start to realize all that’s around you, and in one moment you stop. Your eyes can’t get over the array of colors falling beside you. Your hand rises up to catch a leaf floating by. Your body fills with joy desperately trying to remember all the beauty you see. Wishing you could stay in this colorful harmony. 


My favorite season is fall. The vibrant colors, wearing hoodies and boots. Going apple picking and making apple pie. I can just smell the deliciousness.

Anyway, fall to me is also very peaceful. An expression of life going out in one big bang before it says goodbye. Don’t let life race you by. Make sure you get a chance to stop and see it before it's gone. Hold onto moments of blueberry pancakes.